Reptilia import-export delivers terrarium animals from all over the world from exporters in the country of origin directly to importers in the European Union. Reptilia has many years of experience in this process also called transhipping.

This is how it works:

We add you to our mailing list and you will receive an offer for each country we import from on a monthly base. The list will include the names of the animals, prices, CITES appendix, expected time of delivery, etc. You simple fill in the quantity you want to order and from there on we will supply your order to the airport of your choice. The shipment will mostly arrive at Amsterdam or Frankfurt Airport where it will be cleared for free EU circulation. As soon as it is cleared the shipment will immediately be forwarded to you. As it is already cleared it will not have to be cleared at your airport anymore.

Reptilia VOF works together with it's partner Global Tropical Reptiles in the US. As the two companies together buy massive quantities from the exporters the prices and terms are mostly better then if a single company would try to do business with an exporter.

Besides working with established exporters we are constantly looking for new opportunities and help new exporters to set up a business in countries where hardly any or no export of live reptiles has taken place yet. This will allow you to be one of the first to have a new species on the market.

So what are all the benefits importing through Reptilia:

1.       No hassle with import permit applications.

2.       No pre-payments to companies that only intend to steal your money.

3.       Have access to a world wide network without having to built it up from scratch.

4.       Constant track of the status of your shipment through our website.

5.       No risk of penalties due to errors of the exporter.

6.       One contact for all your imports.

7.       Cheaper phone bills for not having to make long distance calls outside the EU.

8.       Dealing with the best exporters based on the 20 years experience of Reptilia.

9.       We keep track of the latest developments on CITES and from what country which species are legally obtainable.

10.   Be the first in your area to be able to offer new available species.

What do I need to do to be added to your mailing list?

Just e-mail your full company details to together with your VAT#. Normally this is enough to be added to our mailing list.

We no longer accept Dutch customers for transhipping purposes.