Reptilia import-export delivers terrarium animals from all over the world from exporters in the country of origin directly to importers in the European Union. Reptilia has many years of experience in this proces also called transhipping. READ MORE


Besides live terrarium animals Reptilia also tranships terrarium products for brands like Zoo Med, Sticky Tongue Farms, T-rex, Namiba Terra etc. READ MORE


Reptilia VOF was founded in 1989 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Initially it started as a retailshop only.

In 1992 the company extended its business to wholesale. The main clientel was located in The Netherlands.

Although Reptilia VOF started with importing directly in 1992 for the shops in Holland in 1997 a new division was launched for import-export. This transhipping division has wholesalers in the EU as customers. The customers get supplied directly by the exporters Reptilia uses all over the world without the shipments being re-packed first.

In the import-export division not only live animals are supplied but also reptile products from Zoo Med, T-rex Products, Sticky Tongue Farms etc.

Currently 4 full-timers and 3 part-timers are on the Reptilia roster. The premises is about 300 m2 used for storage, display and office with a total of several hundreds terraria.